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Annual Fee

The Center for Longevity and Wellness, LLC is a unique medical practice seeking to revitalize medical care by delivering healthcare that meets the needs of our patients.  In order to meet these needs, CLW charges a fee that you pay once a year to receive services that are necessary to accessing comprehensive healthcare. Our annual fee is not covered by insurance companies or Medicare.  However, the fee may be reimbursable through your company's flexible spending account and/or medical savings plan.

What are the benefits of joining CLW?

Our philosophy of treating patients includes readily available access and extended appointments.  That is why every patient is given his or her doctor's home phone, e-mail address, and direct office line.  Furthermore, we guarantee same-day and next-day, acute illness appointments with little or no waiting time before your scheduled appointment.  Listed below are some examples of services covered by the annual fee.

Treatment of ailments via telephone and/or e-mail when appropriate.

Through detailed telephone conversations and/or e-mail exchanges, patients may sometimes obtain relief from symptoms or referrals to specialists without the delay of an office visit.  Many patients benefit from this service because our physicians spend time and energy keeping you out of the hospital.

Extended telephone consultations without a related encounter.

This works great for medication adjustments, interpretation of diagnostic tests, a family conversation when facing difficult decisions, and answering questions about your care.

E-Mail communications with the physician without a related encounter.

This is a great way to communicate when time is less of an issue or when you prefer written answers to your questions.  This is also useful when you want to share information with family or friends.

Finally, discounts are given to our members for our medical spa services and supplements which are sometimes recommended as treatment for illness, or in support of a program to improve wellness and promote longevity.

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