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Internal Medicine

Mr. Joseph Mather is Board Certified in Family Medicine with the American Board of Family Medicine and Dr. James Mansfield is Board Certified in Internal Medicine with the American Board of Internal Medicine.  As patient advocates, Dr. Mather and Dr. Mansfield are sympathetic and experienced interpersonal counselors of preventive medicine and diagnoses, delivering comprehensive, on-going care for complex or severe multi-organ disease, from adolescence through senescence.

The Primary Care Physician is the continuing and current expression of the doctor in our society.  The first physicians were generalists, and for hundreds of years provided medical care for all ailments.  As medical technology grew, many physicians chose to limit their field of practice to defined areas of medicine.  In the twenty first century, we fill the medical role providing personal, primary care.

In the role of primary care specialists, our physicians integrate the clinical, biological, and behavioral sciences with scholarly medical analysis.  Our physicians act as consultant and teacher for both individuals and their families.

Longevity Medicine


To a great extent, we have the ability to alter the body's aging process.  By doing so, individuals can arrive at an advanced level of physical, social, and psychological well-being, extending the body's lifespan in a healthy, harmonious way.  One of the main aspects of Longevity Medicine is to prevent disease and assure maximum attainable health.

Our goal is to intervene effectively at the earliest detectable signs of a suboptimal physiologic state, rather than waiting for extensive pathology to occur, manifesting itself in clinical disease.

This program helps you take control of your own health.  We will be there to guide you through this process, and assist you in achieving the highest level of health and longevity possible.  The ultimate goal is to maximize both one's lifespan and health span, and by doing so, adding not just years to your life, but life to your years.

The Center for Longevity and Wellness

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