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Lip Treatments

Restore delicate tissue with Dermalogica Lip Treatments.

  • climate control lip treatment
  • renewal lip complex

Primers and Tints

Our advanced multitasking makeup is sheer genius.

  • skinperfect primer spf30
  • redness relief primer spf20
  • sheer tint spf20
  • cover tint spf20


Alcohol-free Toners provide critical hydration without stripping skin.

  • multi-active toner
  • ultracalming™ mist
  • antioxidant hydramist


Dramatically enhance your regimen with a powerful Dermalogica Masque.

  • skin hydrating masque
  • skin refining masque
  • sebum clearing masque
  • multivitamin power recovery® masque


Every Dermalogica Cleanser is soap-free and pH-balanced for the ultimate start to your daily regimen.

  • precleanse
  • precleanse wipes
  • soothing eye makeup remover
  • dermal clay cleanser
  • special cleansing solution
  • clearing skin wash
  • ​ultracalming™ cleanser
  • skin resurfacing cleanser

"hello, and welcome to your best skin ever,

At Dermalogica, our passion for skin borders on obsession. When other talk about pampering, beauty or fancy packaging, we deliver results.  My heritage as a professional skin therapist always meant that my business was only as good as the results clients saw, and that is a philosophy that we live by today.

Every Dermalogica product is researched by the International Dermal Institute, and available for purchase from qualified skin care professionals worldwide.

Experience for yourself what the world's leading skin therapists have known for years. Meet Dermalogica, and your best skin ever."

​                                                                                            - Jane Wurwand

                                                                                              Professional Skin Therapist,

                                                                                                           Founder and Chief Visionay

The Center for Longevity and Wellness

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Body Therapy

Discover the unity of aromatherapy and skin health for the body.

  • conditioning body wash
  • body hydrating cream
  • ultrarich body cream
  • exfoliating body scrub
  • hydro-active mineral salts
  • stress relief treatment oil

Targeted Treatments

Target your skin's changing needs.

  • concealing spot treatment
  • clearing mattifier
  • overmight clearing gel
  • ultracalming™ serum concentrate
  • redness relief primer spf20
  • overnight repair serum
  • skinperfect primer spf30
  • multivitamin power serum
  • MAP-15 regenerator®
  • C-12 pure bright serum


Dermalogica Moisterizers do more than just hydrate. They completely transform your skin.

  • active moist
  • skin smoothing cream
  • intensive moisture balance
  • oil control lotion
  • barrier repair
  • super rich repair


Dermalogica Exfoliants instantly smooth and refresh skin for that healthy Dermalogica glow.

  • daily microfoliant
  • skin prep scrub
  • gentle cream exfoliant
  • multivitamin thermafoliant®

Daylight Defense

Sun protection never felt better.

  • protection 50 sport
  • after sun repair

Eye Treatments

Dermalogica Eye Treaments strengthen delicate eye tissue against signs of aging.

  • soothing eye make-up remover
  • total eye care spf15
  • intensive eye repair
  • ultrasmoothing eye serum
  • multivitamin power firm
  • age reversal eye complex

Concentrated Boosters

Concentrated Boosters give you the power to customize Dermalogica products.

  • skin hydrating booster
  • gentle soothing booster
  • extra firming booster
  • skin renewal booster
  • solar defense booster spf50
  • special clearing booster


Your closest shave, and your healthiest skin.

  • pre-shaved guard
  • invigorating shave gel
  • soothing shave cream
  • post-shave balm

Daily Groomers

Extend your regimen to areas of the body that will also benefit from skin health.

  • multivitamin hand and nail treatment

Moisturizers With SPF

These sophisticated Moisturizers deliver critical Broad Spectrum protection against UV rays.

  • solar defense booster spf50
  • oil free matte spf30
  • super sensitive shield spf30
  • ultra sensitive tint spf30
  • dynamic skin recovery spf50

Dermalogica's skin treatment systems are each designed to address a specific set of concerns to help you achieve your best skin ever. Not sure where to start? Ask your Dermalogica skin therapist for a Face Mapping® skin analysis, the ultimate way to diagnose your skin's needs and craft a personalized regiment to meet them. 

Daily Skin Health

Whether your skin is oily or dry, our unique daily formulas will help maintain skin health and balance moisture levels.

MediBac Clearing®

Adult acne has met its match, with around-the-clock breakout clearing and prevention.


Our most gentle formulas provide serious reliefe for even the most sensitized skin.

AGE Smart®

Control skin aging at the source while heping to stimulate collagen production, increase elasticity and promote smoothness.

Body Therapy

Our collection of naturally aromatheraputic, skin care-quality product is perfect for daily use.

Daylight Defense

The ultimate in sun protection and care, these elegant formulas protect and help repair skin exposed to damaging UV rays.


This fully customizable system works with hair growth to help you get the closest shave, and your healthiest skin.

Here at the Center of Longevity and Wellness, we offer several Dermalogica products and services to fit any of your skin care needs.​ Your best skin starts in the hands of a Dermalogica skin therapist, who's expertly trained to diganose your top skin concerns and offer a variety of professional services that will reveal your best skin ever.

Facemapping® Skin Analysis

This hybrid of ancient Eastern techniques and modern Western medicine helps us treat your skin with unsurpassed accuracy.

The Dermalogica Skin Treatment

Different every time, this treatment is fully customized to your skin's needs. Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and targets solutions.